Professional Installation

We, at Indoor Comfort Specialists, Inc., provide highly trained professional technicians so our customers will be 100% satisfied with our installations. Licensed by the State of Texas, TACL-A-606C, we install quality air conditioning and heating systems specifically designed for your home or business. Operating a unit that is too small or too large is highly inefficient and will result in high energy bills. You can trust that Indoor Comfort Specialists will determine the equipment that will work best for your home or office.

Here at Indoor Comfort Specialists, we carry heating and cooling equipment with the Energy Star label. This equipment will be at least 20% more efficient than standard equipment. Not only does the Energy Star equipment save you money, but it also reduces the amount of polluted emissions that your unit produces. If just one household out of every ten bought Energy Star rated equipment, the switch would keep over 17 billion pounds of pollution out of our air.

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