Geothermal Heating & AC

Are you interested in lowering your utility bills? How about 40% to 60% lower than with conventional heating & Air conditioning systems?

Home and business owners across the U. S. are taking advantage of the most energy-efficent and environmentally clean heating and cooling systems available today. These geothermal heat pump systems take advantage of the earth’s relatively constant temperature to cool and heat homes / businesses and provide hot water. By using the earth as a solar collector, these units are able to save you money by lowering your utility bills, while providing a high level of comfort.

GeothermalXperts, Inc., a subsidiary of Indoor Comfort Specialists, Inc., is a proud member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association. As certified geothermal designers, installers, and service technicians, GeothermalXperts, Inc. has become one of Texas’ largest full service geothermal businesses after having installed over 5,000 tons of geothermal equipment since 1993.